Castleiney N.S. Green Flag for Energy


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Dear People of the Parish,

 ** We need your help! **

 We would like to inform you that Castleiney N.S. are running for a second green flag. We hope to get our second green flag in 2014. This year we are saving energy in our school and looking at ways of doing it in school and at home.

Top Tips to Save Energy          

  •  Don’t leave appliances on standby- turn them off, appliances on standby are still using energy.
  • You should walk or cycle whenever you can, it saves transport energy and keeps you fit.
  • Ask if the heating can be turned down, just turning it down by 1 degree will save loads of heating energy.
  •  Re – use things where you can and then recycle them. It saves the energy used in making things and transporting them.
  •  Encourage people to change to energy efficient light bulbs; they use 1/5 of the electrical energy and last up to 10 times as long!


 We hope that you will help us get our second flag as we are working very hard for it.

 From all the Green school committee and all the kids and teachers in Castleiney N.S.