Fr. Mackey Blessed Well Restoration.

A lively meeting, chaired by Bill Sweeney,  was held in the village hall in Castleiney on Monday night. The meeting  was well attended.


John Brennan and Philip Ryan of ABN Midlands, Quantity Surveyors, Thurles, were in attendance to advise on the heritage and other aspects of the restoration. The general consensus of the committee was to restore the well to what it was previously and that no elaborate reconstruction should be involved.


Most of the committee members would have fond childhood memories of the well and are anxious that the well should be restored to its former appearance and aspect, but also taking into account modern requirements such as wheelchair access, stock protection, safety,  and other matters.


It was finally agreed that ABN,  would draw up a plan for the intended restoration,  which should be ready within the next few weeks. ABN will also consult with Ms Marion Carey, Heritage Officer,  Nenagh, who visited the well site recently, for guidelines and advice on same.


All members will be advised of the next meeting in due course when it is hoped that a final decision can be made and work can proceed.